Kazrog Recabinet v4.0.1

Kazrog Recabinet v4.0.1

Kazrog Recabinet v4.0.1 [PC / MAC]

About Recabinet 4

Recabinet 4 – Featuring Thermionik.

Nearly 4 years after revolutionizing the world of speaker cabinet simulation with Recabinet 3, the innovation expands in Recabinet 4 to include amp modeling with Thermionik. The result of 3 years of R&D, Thermionik represents a quantum leap forward in modeling accuracy, capturing every detailed nuance of the real-world tube amps it models, achieving a level of realism unmatched by even the most sought after dedicated hardware amp modelers – at a fraction of the cost.

Included in Thermionik are: Modern Classics v1, which contains models of some of the most popular modern amps, as well Kazrog Essentials v1, which contains some useful original creations. Dozens of new amp models will be added to the Thermionik lineup over time, spanning all eras and style of electric guitar and bass, in the form of paid add-on amp packs.

Amp Models (Modern Classics v1):

  • Damage – based on ENGL Savage 120 (all channels)
  • Duality – based on Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (all channels)
  • Psycho A – based on Peavey 5150 (all channels)
  • Psycho B – based on Peavey 5150 II (all channels)
  • Serpent – based on Framus Cobra (all channels)

Preamp / Poweramp Models (Kazrog Essentials v1):

  • BassOMatic Preamp – a great preamp for bass guitar DI tracks, vocal distortion, synths, or other creative uses
  • Neutral Poweramp – a hi-fi tube power amp with mild saturation and very little tone coloring


Guitar Cabinet Models:

  • 1960 – based on a Marshall 1960AV 4×12
  • Angora – based on a Line 6 Vetta 4×12
  • Blackface 4×10 – based on a Fender ’65 Super Reverb 4×10
  • Chordal – based on a Roland JC120
  • Damien – based on a Marshall 1936 2×12
  • Dazed – based on a Supro Thunderbolt
  • Eagle – based on an ENGL Pro 4×12
  • Excel – based on a Randall RS412XLT100 4×12
  • Genzie – based on a Genz Benz G-Flex ported 2×12
  • Green – based on an original 1970s Marshall 4×12
  • Igor – based on a Krank Krankenstein 4×12
  • Ogre – based on a Bogner Uberkab 4×12
  • Oversize – based on a Mesa Standard 4×12
  • Sterling – based on a Marshall Hand Wired 4×12 (late 1960s reissue)
  • Tangerine – based on an Orange 4×12
  • Top Boost – based on a Vox AC30
  • Tweed 1×12 – based on a Fender ’53 Deluxe 1×12
  • Zodiac 2×12 – based on a Selmer Zodiac Twin 30

Bass Cabinet Models:

  • Manatee – based on an Ampeg SVT 8×10
  • Motown – based on an Ampeg Portaflex B15N
  • Ag412 – based on an Aguilar DB 412 (new in Recabinet 4)
  • Neo410 – based on a Gallien-Krueger Neo 410 (new in Recabinet 4)

Microphone Models:

  • 57 – based on a Shure SM57
  • 545 – based on a Shure Unidyne III 545
  • 121 – based on a Royer 121
  • 409 – based on a Sennheiser MD409
  • 421 – based on a Sennheiser MD421
  • i5 – based on an Audix i5
  • Reference – based on an Earthworks M30
  • U87 – based on a Neumann U87


  • 1 channel amp modeling with 2 channel cabinet blending and panning, and console-modeled EQ (Kazrog Konsole EQ)
  • External convolution impulse response (IR) loader on both Recabinet channels – load your favorite IRs!
  • Preamp and Poweramp mixing and linking
  • Industry-leading Speaker Dynamics modeling integrated into Thermionik power amp section
  • Individual internal section bypass toggles (Thermionik, Recabinet, preamp, power amp, EQ bands.)
  • 4 adjustable quality levels to balance CPU usage with sound quality
  • New preset browser


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This product was released on 07 Oct 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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