K-Devices Shaper2

Product Type: VST Plug-ins
Platform: MAC OSX X64 Intel, PC Windows x64
Disks: 1 CD
Format: AU, VST, VST3
K-Devices Shaper2

Audio Destroyer

How it works

Shaper is composed by several modules, that you can rearrange as you want:

  • a glitch gate, now with a Smooth parameter
  • a waveshaper with 5 inspiring functions: Muffin, Multistress, Cracker, S&M, Bits&Samps
  • a transform module with Clip, Wrap, Fold, and sFold functions
  • a resonator/short delay, that can act as a comb filter too

New addiction of version 2, a lopass/hipass filter lets adjust the processed sound.

All you need to add a personal (destructive!) touch to your sounds is here. Emphasize your basslines working with waveshaper’s sections blend and color, or increasing the clip’s value (this works great also on drums and acoustic percussive sounds). Blow digital coldness to your synths going wild with S&M and Bits&Samps functions, or increasing wrap or fold values . Add unpredictable dynamic glitches thanks the exclusive gate. Shaper is your digital edge!

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This product was released on 18 Jan 2023. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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