Hip Hop eJay Sample Kit Vol. 2 - Unplugged

Hip Hop eJay Sample Kit Vol. 2 - Unplugged
More than 500 brand new samples to make Hip Hop eJay even more addictive! - This Hip Hop eJay Sample Kit includes more than 500 live performance-style samples. Acoustic guitar fills, funky basslines, growling upright bass samples, live drums, percussions and jazzy piano gives you that live on-air feeling.

* All samples professionally edited and produced at 96bpm

* 100% Hip Hop eJay compatible

* New samples are automatically assigned into the correct Hip Hop eJay sound group

* All samples are included in WAVE format

* All samples importable into most standard music programs

You may also find more information about this product on manufacturer's website.

You may buy Hip Hop eJay Sample Kit Vol. 2 - Unplugged or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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