Grand Concert Harp

Grand Concert Harp

Hephaestus Sounds Grand Concert Harp [Kontakt]

Close your eyes and imagine a great harp in a great orchestra.
Now open your eyes and play it.

Sampled from a $40.000 Lyon & Healy's concert harp, the sound of this library pushes out all the elegance and the realism of the best orchestral harps. As always, Hephaestus has thought the best solution to play this instrument in real-time: just play as You want closing your eyes, and You'll listen to a wonderful, enchanting concert harp sound.


  • 48KHz, 24-bit Stereo sample resolution;
  • 3 dynamic layers / 4 Round-Robin cycle;
  • Sound section to adjust sound equalization and stereo field;
  • Effect section to create the best environment;
  • Perfectly looped samples;
  • Key-off noises (for stopped presets only);
  • 10 .NKI presets;
  • 204 MB total compressed size;
  • Optimized CPU usage;
  • Works on Kontakt 5.2.1 or newer (15 minutes limit on Kontakt Player).

Included .NKI presets:

  1. Stopped String
  2. Free String
  3. Soft Stopped
  4. Marcato Stopped
  5. Xilophone Style
  6. Free Harmonics
  7. Stopped Harmonics
  8. Plucked & Harmonics
  9. Xilophone & Harmonics
  10. FX & Performances
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This product was released on 17 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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