Galaxy II K4 German Baby Grand [2 DVD]

Galaxy II K4 German Baby Grand [2 DVD]

Best Service Galaxy II K4 German Baby Grand [2 DVD][KONTAKT]

(24Bit samples, chrom. mapping, Una Corda)
Galaxy II’s 1929 German Baby Grad is based on a Blüthner Model 150, built in 1929. This wonderful instrument blew us away, when we found it at a German piano maker. It’s a beautiful 75 year old grand piano, featuring a warm vintage sound with a wonderful intimate tone.
Numerous great composers, conductors, and performers have owned Blüthner pianos, among them Bartok, Debussy or Tchaikovsky. Blüthners have also been used in pop music, including the Beatles’ album Let It Be, most notably in the hits ‘Let It Be’ and ‘The Long and Winding Road’.
The new version K4, which is based on the Kontakt 4 engine by Native Instruments, presents a completely redesigned direct access user interface, better performance and new features including true half pedaling, true repedaling and lossless sample compression.

Kontakt Player 4 included!

Piano / Keyb.

Ambient/Chill/Soundtrack Classic/Orchestral Dance/Pop Funk/Soul/Jazz/70s Rock/Metal/Alternative

File sizes (compressed):

Virtual Instruments: 4,51 GB
Upgr. from DE: 4,51 GB
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This product was released on 21 Jul 2011. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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