Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds Vol.1 [2 DVD]

Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds Vol.1 [2 DVD]

Rhythmic Robot Audio Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds Vol.1 [2 DVD]

The classic sampled sounds that defined a generation.

ver 500 superb sounds from the biggest, bluest sampler of the 80s, brought to Kontakt with the blessing and collaboration of their original publisher, Doug Morton

Vintage EII companding convertors add punch, weight, grain and texture to the classic 8-bit sound

Every key of every patch sampled across the whole EII keyboard – no interpolation means you get the exact tonality of the Emulator II.

Though the EII shipped with an excellent set of factory sound disks, many of the standout patches that graced the tracks of the time came courtesy of one particular third-party library. That library was the OMI Universe of Sounds – a massive, multi-disk-spanning collection of orchestral stabs, soaring strings, funky basses, thick, punchy drums, classic synths, searing brass solos, chunky keys and loads, loads more. It’s this library that we’ve spent over six months resampling for Kontakt in all its glory – every note of every patch, in meticulous detail, yielding a total of over 31,700 individual samples spanning 21 Gigabytes of uncompressed data. Here are the actual statistics of the library, just for kicks.

Tech Specs:

  • 31,700 individual samples
  • 33 Gb original 24-bit
  • 21 Gb uncompressed 16-bit
  • 11.33 Gb compressed .ncw format
  • 541 individual instruments, consisting of: 14 Bass / 18 Bells & Chimes / 52 Brass / 51 Drums / 59 Ethnic & Folk / 8 FX / 36 Guitar / 38 Piano & Keys / 77 Orchestral / 41 Percussion / 61 Strings / 76 Synth / 12 Vocal


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This product was released on 29 Jul 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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