Driven Machine Drums

Driven Machine Drums

DMD Driven Machine Drums [Multiformat DVD]

  • A Massive Variety of SUPERCHARGED Vintage and Modern Sounds
  • Eccentric analog coloration hardware processing, adding depth, air, and drive to the signal.
  • Full 24bit resolution, capturing optimal sound quality with Class A converters
  • Meticulously edited by hand for tightest possible attack and feel
  • Triple Filtered: All excess has been removed, leaving only best of the best sounds (making this your go to library)
  • Exclusive use of Mogami cable
  • Recorded at an optimal level, preventing unintentional distortion and leaving ample headroom (putting YOU in control of the final volume and mastering)
  • Dry captured sounds allow YOU to choose the creative processing
  • Categorized by type and texture for quick results, leaving you in a creative state when browsing your sounds
  • Downloadable for immediate access (yo ll be making beats in minutes)
  • Versatile with infinite possibilities, this library will be a timeless source for inspiration

1820 one shot drum samples in 24 bit.



Elektron Machine Drum

This versatile digital drum machine is given an EXTREME makeover when combined with Analog Tube Processing. You’ve never heard anything like this.

Korg ER-1

This little box sounded like the BIG DOGS when juiced by Tubes, Tape, and Transformers.

Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara
Eventide H8000FW

These ultra flexible synthesis engines created some of the newest and freshest drums I’ve heard.  When DRIVEN thru my coloration devices, you’d NEVER guess they were digital synthesizers.
(no fx, only synthesis allowed)


E-mu SP-1200
Roland TR-707
Oberheim DMX

Three of my favorite contenders of yesteryear are back with a Complete Overhaul.  If you are under 24, these machines may have been responsible for your birth.  Many a lady got swooned by these retro rockers. 

BE AWARE.  When combined with the Coloration Command Squad (AKA the DIRTY EIGHT) these are NO LONGER yo momma’s drum machines…

‘cause these beats are F-F-FRESH.


Yamaha DX200*
Emu Mo Phatt*

After hearing the other machines, I had to see if the magic worked on these as well. Yep.  Check the bonus folders for the results.


Roland TR-909, TR-808, TR-606
Jomox MBase 11
Vermona DRM-1 MKIII

Thru the BOMB SQUAD BELOW… f’ing fuggedaboutit



Every single one of these devices has a unique sonic signature, giving character where there wasn’t any, and accelerating what was already there. 


Thermionic Culture Vulture
Source Plus Tube Amp w/ Vintage NOS 1957 French Mazda Tubes


Atlas Pro Juggernaut Twin
A-Design EM-Gold
Neve 1073 Preamp

If you work soley in a computer based workstation, you might not know about the added magic brought by authentic tubes and transformers. 

These are pro engineers’ secret weapons.  There is a reason why large tube and transformer based vintage consoles still command a premium price. 

Many expensive compressors gain their unique character from driving the tube or transformer input stage.  

You’ll be impressed by how authentic digital compression can sound on your drum buss, because the drums have the input drive already captured.


Anamod ATS-1

The ATS-1 produces great sounding tape distortion, but that’s NOT how I choose to use it.  I applied the ATS-1 subtly as a synthesis tool ONLY when it sonically enhanced the body and tone of the drum sound. 

There are already good and distorted tape drums out there on the Internet.  This is something entirely NEW.


Mutronics Mutator
Moog MF-101
Empirical Labs Distressor

Occasionally I added some additional envelope shaping using the devices above. 

The Mutronics Mutator was made famous by Radiohead and Daft Punk, while the Moog Filter was made famous by practically everyone else. 

The Empirical Labs Distressor was used exclusively as an envelope shaping option, never as a coloration device.  As you can see, I had that covered.


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This product was released on 05 Nov 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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