DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi [Full Version]

DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi [Full Version]

DiscoDSP Highlife VSTi [Full Version]

Performance sampler with VSTi sampling, sample editor, five built in effects, flexible modulation, parameter morphing, highest offline resampling quality using 512 point SINC and a 260 MB sample library.


* Built-in VST host for 32bit sampling of VSTis (freezing).
* Built-in wave editor.
* Built-in library browser.
* 32-Bit floating point based wavetables.
* 128 Programs with unlimited zones.
* Up to 32 voices polyphony (Multilayered zone sampling engine)
* Selectable interpolation engines: Hermite, Sinc 64 and Sinc 512. Both sinc modes are not suitable for realtime purposes but bouncing to audio.
* Morphable scheme and automatable zone parameters (incl. cue and loop points).
* Syncable LFO with configurable Phase.
* Stepping-free modulation sends, pitch bend and modulation to morphing wheels. Sampler Import formats
* Auto mapping when multiple files are opened at once.
* Samples: .wav (8 to 32 Bit), .aif, .mp3, .raw.
* Programs: propietary .fxp/.fxb, .akp (Akai S5000/S6000), rgc:audio’s SFZ. Sampler Export formats (registered version only)
* Samples: .wav.
* Programs: propietary .fxp/.fxb, rgc:audio’s SFZ.

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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