Cinematic Tools Zenith The Modern Trailer Archtype

Product Type: Kontakt format
Platform: MAC OSX X64 Intel, PC Windows x64
Disks: 1 DVD
Format: Kontakt
Required: KONTAKT 7.4
Cinematic Tools Zenith The Modern Trailer Archtype


Zenith is our debut library and comes packed full of modern, hard-hitting, mix ready sounds that will add power, punch and massive impact to any production.

Stutter Engine

Stutter, Filter and Pan make up the parts of the Stutter engine that allow you to add movement and motion to any sound! Great for instantly creating stuttered FX that are synced with your DAW.

You can also easily save your go-to stutter patters as presets and load them up at your convenience.

FX Engine

The FX Engine includes 6 daisy-chained FX racks and 17 built-in FX processors to mangle, distort and manipulate your sounds.

Saturators, Reverbs, Stomp Pedals, Compressors and a ton more for you to get creative with.

Key Features

  • 7 Instrument Categories
  • 22 Instruments
  • 500+ WAV Files
  • 3 Engines; Main, FX, Stutter
  • A Big Knob for instant polish, grit and energy
  • FX Engine with 6 Daisy-Chained FX Modules and 19 total FX Processors
  • A Stutter Engine to add instant movement and motion to your sound
  • Designed and mixed by industry professionals to layer beautifully with your other libraries.

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You may buy Cinematic Tools Zenith The Modern Trailer Archtype or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2023. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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