Broomstick Bass

Broomstick Bass

DVD. Broomstick Bass VST is the first virtual bass player for VST compatible Music Applications, engineered by Bornemark Software, the creators of the concepts for highly acclaimed instruments like Groove Agent and Virtual Guitarist. Now, with Broomstick Bass here is the next self-playing musical instrument. To be used as a session partner, composition assistant or a deluxe bass sound archive.

Broomstick Bass is the virtual instrument that comes with its own music. Broomstick Bass is fully loaded with easy-to-use bass riffs and grooves. The user just has to play some chords and listen to Broomstick Bass following the harmonies and intentions. There are loads of patterns for inspiration and composition and a manual mode for playing your own bass lines.

Broomstick Bass Main Features:

  • More than 20 multi sampled classic and special bass instruments: electric and acoustic (recorded with pick, fingers, vibrato etc), keyboard and pedal basses.
  • A real time musical MIDI engine that provides tons of realistic, common, characteristic and specialised self-playing bass lines. All logically categorised into styles and sub-styles.
  • All bass guitars have been recorded with a variety of common practice performances, including slide up and down, staccato, hammer-ons and pull-offs – all easily accessible from the MIDI control octave.
  • A cool selection of useful bass-effects (on the Edit page) make sure the bass lines cut through any mix. These tools may also be used for experimentation when you want to go over the top.
  • With support for VST and AU, Broomstick Bass provides cross-platform flexibility both on the PC and Mac platform to suit a variety of working situations.

Broomstick Bass has been designed with expandability in mind.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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