BPM120 Beat and Percussion Module

BPM120 Beat and Percussion Module
DVD. 2.4 GB first-class Drum and Percussion material. Packed in a massive library paired with the innovative ULP engine.

BPM 120 (Beat and Percussion Module) provides a large stylistic bandwidth of authentic drum and percussion styles:from Funk, House, Soul, Disco, Pop, Rock, Beat, DnB, 2Step, BigBeat through Electro, Metal, Real Drums, Breakbeat, Analog Drums, Vinyl Loops up to Latin-,African-and World Percussion. The acoustic and electronic drum and percussion loops were played live or programmed,depending on the style,by professional studio musicians.

The circular waveform presentation (Loopeye) sensibly visualizes the transition from loop start and end. In combination with the slide able start and end markers on the outer ring, new variations are available in seconds. Loops no longer have fixed start and ends. Combining single segments from different drum loops create innumerable variations.

Thanks to the fantastic sounding MPEX2 algorithms from Prosoniq (Timefactory), loops can be adapted to your own songs. The sounds remain crystal clear and do not possess any of the usual grain artifacts. Tempo changes are possible in the range of +/- 30 BPM (90-150 BPM) at the highest quality.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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