Balkan Lines

Balkan Lines

Ueberschall Balkan Lines [DVD][VSTi / RTAS / AU / HYBRiD]

Wild, Festive, Pounding, Hypnotic Balkan Intensity!!!


Balkan Lines combines a touch of pure Balkan traditions (Gypsy, Turkish, Serbian, Greek, Romanian, Slavic and other Southeastern European influence) with contemporary and progressive rhythms from Dance, Club, RnB and Marching Band.

Balkan grooves are in High-Demand across the pro audio terrain and can be heard in countless blockbuster scores. Now getting easy access to these styles for blending in a comprehensive hi-fi solution is no problem for all. No additional passport needed! A ton of variation for the authentic Balkan experience or even just a shade is available to your productions.


Balkan Lines is specialized production made in close cooperation with:
• Süperstar Orkestar - celebrated Balkan brass band
• Aref Shakouri - Violinist extraordinaire

Tonal Atlas

Thousands of grooves and phrases are included with some of the most complex acoustic / synthetic rhythmic blending to date. The stylings include a diverse assortment from Reggaeton to House / RnB Hip Hop as well as traditional Pop influence.

The mix-lines deliver an inspiring overview and supply an immersive brainwave of the beats inner drive. The drum parts without the back-lines are punchy and groovy enough to get any listener to bounce in their seats. And the high quality acoustic instrumentals and synthetic samples can be applied and used in endless project formats.

Balkan Lines also features high quality samples and phrases of:

• Accordion
• Acoustic and Electric Guitar
• Bouzouki
• Oud
• Kanun
• Darbucka
• Organs
• Gypsy style Vocals and Claps
• Traditional Keyboard solo Licks
• Synth Leads and FX
• Power Bass lines
• Scratch Noises
• Rap and Spoken words

Ready 2 Fuse

Balkan lines is powered by the ultimate and easy going Elastik engine which contributes all the flexibilities for usage within professional DAW environment and also works on it's own. All sounds are ready to use and browse from the start.

Produced by: A-tee

Ali Tatar (A-tee) is also the man behind Ueberschalls stunning Oriental RnB. He has been producing music for companies such as Sony music and Virgin records. With years of experience in the business as a successful producer and with his unique multi-cultural taste of modern music, he has featured various artists of various styles since the late 80’s. A-tee started off his carrier in San Jose California and is now based in Sweden as the directory manager and main producer for “Sound Factory productions Sweden” in the city of Vasteras.

3.6 GB Balkan Lines, 1070 Loops and Samples
Elastik Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS
Elastik Player included - no sampler required!


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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