ADSR Serial Processing Get Bigger Better Mixes

ADSR Serial Processing Get Bigger Better Mixes

ADSR Serial Processing Get Bigger Better Mixes [DVD][Tutorial]

How to use Serial Processing to make your mixes sound bigger and better.

A focused 3-part video course dedicated to serial processing. Discover when, why and how to apply serial compression and other serial processing techniques to get consistent pro quality sound out of every mix.
Led by experienced designer, producer and ADSR tutor, Echo Sound Works, this is an intermediate to advanced level course *. Get inspired and gain new skills you can start using straight away.

* This course assumes an existing knowledge of compression such as gain reduction, input output release, etc.

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Get Consistent Pro Quality Sound Out Of Every Mix.

Serial Processing Explained

Serial Processing is a technique that can really help improve a mix. The idea centers around creatively layering similar effects, like 2 compressor or 2 EQ’s, on the same track.

In addition to providing step by step methods, this course also discusses why and when to use serial processing in the mixing process. It also provides practical tips and suggestions on the different tools you can use to achieve stand out sound every time.

3 Parts To a Better Mix

  • PT1 – Introduction – This video covers the basics of Serial Processing and discusses its history in the mixing and production world.
  • PT2 – Compressors – This video takes an in depth look at some of the most popular software compressors on the market and how to use them in a Serial set up.
  • PT3 – Vocals and Synths – This video puts what you will learn in parts 1 and 2 into practice. See how Serial Compression/EQ can help make both a lead vocal and lead synth sound pop out of the mix.

About Your Tutor

Echo Sound Works is a sound designer and music producer and one of ADSR’s lead tutors for and

He is the creator of the best selling sound sets Massive Beast V.1, Melbourne Anthems, EDM Drops V.1 and Future EDM V.1.

He has produced music in multiple genres including EDM, singer songwriter and pop ands had his music placed everywhere from VH1 and MTV to ABC Family and Lionsgate.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!


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