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Mastering EDM Masterclass - Mastering Trap

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Disks: 1 DVD
Mastering EDM Masterclass - Mastering Trap

Master Trap Like A Pro!

In this comprehensive 4.5 hour course you will learn all the tips, tricks, techniques and tools necessary to get your masters sounding professional, tight and fat, and much, much more.

Learn how to use eq and compression for maximum impact on the dancefloor, make your synths and basses fill out your song, learn how to make sure your kick drums cut through the mix and hit hard, how to get your songs loud, fat and in your face while using contrast, dynamics and automation to make it sound massive and learn to master your music for a professional digital release in 2016.

This whole course is designed to help you make massive improvements to your own productions and careers as quickly as possible.

Make massive improvements to your own productions

What you’re going to Learn

Learn how to get your tracks to a professional standard using a wide range of plugins. Whether you have the full UAD and Waves bundles, iZotope Ozone 7 or nothing at all there is a video in here for you because we even recommend and teach you to use a mastering chain full of nothing but free plugins that anyone can download.

We will explain how to get a professional sounding mix down (which really is the first step of the mastering process) so that you can get the most out of your mastering. We offer an in depth overview of three completely different tracks that we have had submitted to us for mastering.

You will learn what you have to do to make these tracks sound like a professional release so you can repeat the same steps on your own songs!

What’s Included

  • Video 1: Watch us master the first track with our favourite set of paid plugins and talk you through the process, explaining every step.
  • Video 2: Watch us master the second track with but nothing but iZotope Ozone and talk you through the process, explaining every step.
  • Video 3: Watch us master the third track with nothing but free plugins and talk you through the process, explaining every step.

About Mastering EDM

After opening the doors to our mastering studio in Australia 7 years ago Blend Mastering has been dedicated to pushing a new wave of artists by making their electronic productions sound amazing.

Recently we decided that with the uprising of automated mastering services such as LANDR and MasteringBox the new producers of today needed more help than just our mastering service.

We could not stand to see so many people using the generic and soul crushing algorithms of these online platforms so we decided to teach everyone what we have learnt in a lifetime of mastering dance music and MasteringEDM was born. We have tutorials for almost every genre of music and make it our personal mission to leave our customers with the complete ability to master their own music to a professional standard, no exceptions.

“I have always sent my track to Blend for mastering. After purchasing their “Mastering Trap Music” course I have been able to master all my own music. It feels great to be able to create a song entirely by yourself, I always used to be able to compose and mix my music, but now I can master it as well!” - POLARO!D



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You may buy Mastering EDM Masterclass - Mastering Trap or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 July, 2016.


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