Xtreme HipHop [2 CD]

Product Type: EXS24 format
Xtreme HipHop [2 CD]
With Xtreme HipHop, Emagic and King Tech have compiled the most comprehensive resource available for the types of sounds, loops and performances demanded by the distinguished HipHop artist. It will transform your EXS24 or EXSP24 into the ultimate instrument for HipHop, R&B, and Pop production.

In contrast to other sample CDs in the current market place — which are often based on sounds and production from unknown and unproven producers — Xtreme HipHop contains hard hitting, street-ready sounds from some of the Hip Hop's most noted producers and artists. In addition to the traditional rough and nasty street kicks, snares and hihats you would expect from these contributors, we have included a huge bank of bonus instrument files and sound bites. These include: Rhodes phrases, pads, scratches, turntable noises, wah guitars, vinyl hits and more.

Each and every sample on the CD was hand picked and meticulouly edited for maximum impact. They deliver fat sounds that have been processed under the advice of some of today's hottest mixers, producers, and engineers. The result is that the sounds come off the CD ready to provide the ultimate punch, or to cut through the busiest mix.

Of course, by using the superb filtering, envelopes, and multilayering capabilities of the EXS24 or EXSP24 you can contour the samples found on the Xtreme HipHop CDs even further. This means you can stack samples, alter frequency and resonance, or adjust envelopes to give the sounds your own unique flavor.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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