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Antares Auto-Tune Pro 9.1

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: AAX, VST, VST3
Disks: 1 CD
Antares Auto-Tune Pro 9.1


  • Auto-Key v1.0.1
  • Auto-Tune Access v9.0.0
  • Auto-Tune Artist v9.0.0
  • Auto-Tune EFX+ v9.0.0
  • Auto-Tune Pro v9.1.0

About Auto-Tune Pro

Auto-Tune Pro is the most complete and advanced edition of Auto-Tune. It includes Auto Mode, for real-time correction and effects, Graph Mode, for detailed pitch and time editing, and the Auto-Key plug-in for automatic key and scale detection.

Auto-Tune Pro also includes Classic Mode, for the celebrated “Auto-Tune 5 sound,” Flex-Tune and Humanize for more transparent and natural-sounding tuning, Throat Modeling for subtle or extreme vocal transformations, and Transpose for real-time pitch-shifting with automatic Formant Correction. Low latency processing lets you perform through Auto-Tune Pro in real-time on stage or in the studio, without worrying about distracting delay.

Both the Auto Mode and Graph Mode interfaces are designed to offer the most efficient, flexible, and intuitive workflow for professional users and beginners alike. Auto Mode includes two unique screen views: Basic View gives you quick and easy access to the core features of Auto Mode, and Advanced View unlocks the powerful MIDI, scale editing and Vibrato Control features.

Graph Mode gives you detailed control over every nuance of a vocal performance. Extensive pitch editing tools allow for precise control of individual notes and pitch curves, so you can apply pitch correction only where it’s needed. The transparent time correction features let you to quickly touch up timing errors in an otherwise perfect performance, or creatively rework the timing of your track without having to re-record it.

The included Auto-Key plug-in is designed to enhance your workflow and save valuable time in the studio. Auto-Key automatically detects the key and scale of your music and sends it to all instances of Auto-Tune in your project. If you already know the key and scale of your tracks, you may also find Auto-Key useful for simultaneously setting the Key and Scale parameters of multiple instances of Auto-Tune with a single click.

Whether you want to quickly touch up a few questionable notes, dial in the perfect Auto-Tune Effect, or meticulously polish an entire performance, Auto-Tune Pro offers the professional pitch correction and classic effects you’re looking for.

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You may buy Antares Auto-Tune Pro 9.1 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 30 December, 2019.


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Rating: 5 from 5 stars! [5 from 5 stars!]

Yes, Auto-Tune 9 is 64 bit only.

Rating: 3 from 5 stars! [3 from 5 stars!]

Not sure these are actually 32 bit like the advert suggests On Antares website they clearly state that they are 64 bit only Can anyone confirm this

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