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Synergy [5 DVD]
Synergy [5 DVD]
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Samples for Steinberg Halion sampler

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Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3
Timbalicous Drumz vol.1-2-3 Ever ask yourself "Where did Timbaland get that killa style?" or "Where can I get a PhD in beat-making like he's got?" If so, then immerse yourself in the Timbalicious Drumz Collection. Have a professional arsenal of sound at your disposal, all modeled after Timbaland. Each set is stuffed with 72 Timbaland-style kicks, 60 cold snares and rimshots.
Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar
Sonik Reality Sonik Capsule: Acoustic Guitar Expressive, dynamic acoustic guitars for every soft-sampler. Amazingly Realistic Acoustic Guitars are Finally Here. Whether you write Pop, Country, Rock, Folk, Jazz, R&B or other styles of music, these expressive multi-sampled guitars are highly playable from any MIDI controller and achieve incredible realism for a very affordable price. The Acoustic...
Platinum 24 Latin Percussion
All the percussion you could ever wish for, and more. Featuring everything from congas, bongos and timbales, to shakers, maracas, cabasa, tambourine, triangle, cymbals and exotics such as caxixi, pandeiro or surdo. Played by pro percussionists and recorded in premium Platinum quality. Offering 24-bit recording (multi-track micing), 32-bit hi-end processing up to 100 MB per kit, perfectly tuned sets.
HALion 3.5
Steinberg HALion VSTi DXi v3.5 [DVD][Full version] HALion 3 is the latest version of Steinberg's award-winning software sampler. Now with over 50 new features, HALion 3 is the forefront of virtual sampling technology.  HALion - The VST Sampler Since the debut of HALion in 2001, Steinberg’s software sampler has repeatedly raised the bar for other virtual samplers. With HALion 3, you can...
Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums
Sonik Reality Sonik Capsule: Studio Drums Killer acoustic drums for every soft-sampler. When you need that realism and expression from an acoustic drum kit for a great price look no further. The Studio Drums Capsule brings that crisp studio sound to your favorite software sampler. Whether you want to load this multi-format library into Battery, Kontakt, EXS24mk2, HALion, NNXT or Sampletank, you'll...
Bosendorfer Imperial Grand [4 CD]
This 9 1/2 foot concert grand piano is Bosendorfer's top of the line. The extra lower bass strings give superior resonance to this world class concert grand piano. There are four velocity layers of pedal up samples, four velocity layers of pedal down samples, and release note off samples. The release "note off" samples very nicely capture the ambient sound of the performance hall in which...
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006
VipZone Hardstyle Essentials 2006 Hardstyle Essentials 2006 (X3) = Essential Hardstyle & Hardtrance Sounds for your commercial Music productions All Samples are in 16bit 44khz WAV or SF2+Halion, so you can use them in a standard programms like Cubase, Logic, Reason, Musicmaker, Ableton Live, Storm, Orbit etc. 28 Multisamples ( SF2 + Halion Format ) 100 Hardstyle Basssounds more then 200 Singlesynths...
HaLion Strings Edition [9 CD]
9 CDs. Orchestra highlights Four sections 8 Double Basses, 10 Cellos, 12 Violas,16 Violins Articulations legato, tremolo, whole tone trills, semitone trills, spiccato, pizzicato (loose,tight) Professional players, selected vintage instruments up to 9 velocity layers from pp to ff per section realtime (de)crescendo control, up/down bowing control, true string release action, portamentoю All articulations...
Scarbee Imperial Drums [3 DVD]
3 DVDs. In the tradition of other SCARBEE products such as J-Slap n' Fingered, R.S.P྅ and W.E.P., Scarbee Imperial Drums sets several new benchmarks in the arena of drum sampling. Recorded in 24bit/88 khz high definition resolution (down-sampled to 44.1 khz for release), S.I.D. captures the true full dynamic range of every drum, providing nearly 30,000 individual drum samples on 3 DVDs. These...
Heavy Mental Drum Kits
Discrete Drums Heavy Mental Drum Kits [Multiformat DVD] Series Four - Heavy Mental Drum Kits - Hard Rock / Metal Samples DVD Includes MFI Multi Format Installer - installs EXS-24, Halion, Giga, SampleTank, Mach 5, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt The Heavy Mental Drum Kits Sample DVD contains 1.8 gigabytes of pounding drums in four formats - dry, room, mixed and "gak". You can mix your own kit, and...
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection [5 DVD Set]
Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection [5 DVD Set] FORMAT: Kontakt 1.5.3/ 2.11; HALion 3.1; EXS24 mk II With Scarbee Vintage Keyboard Collection your sound will have the flare that your jeans are missing... Scarbee VKC includes 11 sounds and sample sets of classic vintage keyboards from the 60s and 70s! Scarbee C.E.P. (Classic Electric Piano) is the sound of a hot-rodded wonderful electric piano from...
Peter Siedlaczeks Advanced Orchestra Extended Edition [2 DVD]
Best Service Peter Siedlaczeks Advanced Orchestra Extended Edition [2 DVDs Set] Format: EXS24, HaLion Extended Edition. We changed the body but left the soul. Enjoy! You can also upgrade from Akai, Giga or Emu to the AO Extended EXS/Halion version. Legendary Advanced Orchestra AND Upgrade ´97 combined in one package with remarkably increased potential! Improved and optimized for EXS24 and Halion PlugIn–Samplers.
Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD]
PMI Piano Magic Bundle 24BiT [6 DVD] [Multiformat] Formats: Kontakt 1.5, Kontakt 2, Giga 2 and GigaStudio 3, HALION, EXS 24. The OLD LADY an incredible Model 1923 Steinway D PMI EMPEROR a Model 290SE Imperial Grand Bosendorfer PMI GRANDIOSO BOSENDORFER 290 (full version), the 5 stars awarded superb PMI piano library PMI GRANDIOSO STEINWAY D (Classic version), PMI POP/ROCK YAMAHA C7 CONCERT PIANO (Ambient).
Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar
Sonik Reality Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar Clean, Deep Punchy Basses for Every Soft-Sampler The Ultimate Affordable Multi-Format Bass Collection The Bass Guitar Capsule offers clean, deep, punchy and expressive basses with a variety of articulations which include fingered, picked, pulls, slaps, taps, slides and more. For every style of music from R&B to Rock to Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Jazz and more.
Minimal & Tech-House
Sample Magic Minimal & Tech-House [Multiformat DVD] Dark and subby, slick and dubby grooves for the mainroom. With over 800Mb of the most upfront sounds, Minimal & Tech-House features countless speaker-freakin’ drum loops, throbbing basslines, esoteric synth loops, squelchy fx and hits guaranteed to cause a stir on any floor. What's in the collection? Drums > 100s of deep and chunky bigroom beats at 125.
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 5
Sounds coming with Steinberg HaLion 2 original package. Specially optimised for HaLion sampler.
Stefan Langner Library - 24Bit Bass Guitars
Stefan Langner Library - 24Bit Bass Guitars HALion format 24 Bit Bass Guitars offers sample sets from Fender Precision, Warwick Streamer, Musicman Stingray, Status Five String, and Schack Headless Graphite. Mit 24 Bit Bass Guitars gesellt sich eine weitere Bass-Sample-CD zum bisherigen Kontingent der erhältlichen Klänge. 24 Bit Bass Guitars, die uns als Review-Version für den Emagic Sampler EXS24 vorliegt.
Steinberg HALion 6 [Complete]
Contains: Steinberg HALion [for Windows x64] Complete Halion 6 factory library [31 Gb packed] HALion — Create the future HALion is the most comprehensive virtual sampling and sound design system available today and excels the present creative process for producers and sound designers in all areas. It covers the complete creative workflow from recording and sample editing to programming...
Drumatic Percussives
Big Fish Audio Drumatic Percussives [DVD] Bunker 8 Digital Labs has finally opened the passages to its vaults and gives the ardent samplist what they are most thirsty for; access to the raw, unadulterated single hit samples that have made Bunker 8 Digital Labs so world renowned. Over 6,522 samples of audio content makes this one of the most extensive drum and percussion libraries ever made. These "kits" are huge.
Scarbee R.S.P.73
1 DVD. To start with, all samples are full length and unlooped. Each of the 73 keys of the Rhodes was sampled at 12 different velocities - ranging from 0 to -26 dB - but this is only half the story. In order to capture that magical feel of really playing a Rhodes, we also recorded release samples for each of the 12 velocities, at the exact same level as the corresponding 12 sustain samples. The release...
Scarbee W.E.P.
DVD. The Scarbee W.E.P is a faithful reproduction of the classic Wurlitzer® 200A Electric Piano, recreating not only its signature sound but also the unique dynamic response of the original instrument, hereby continuing the new Vintage Keyboard product line commenced with the recent release of the Scarbee R.S.P. ྅ (the Rhodes Stage Piano MK 1 - 73) Although the EP200A is a small piano, the project...
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 1
Sounds coming with Steinberg HaLion 2 original package. Specially optimised for HaLion sampler.
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 2
Sounds coming with Steinberg HaLion 2 original package. Specially optimised for HaLion sampler.
Steinberg Halion 2 Content CD 3
Sounds coming with Steinberg HaLion 2 original package. Specially optimised for HaLion sampler.

Samples for Steinberg Halion sampler.

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