Sonokinetic Tutti [DVD]

Sonokinetic Tutti [DVD]

Sonokinetic Tutti [DVD] [Kontakt]

A Tension-filled full Orchestral Phrase-based Cinematic Sample Library.


  • 48 kHz, 24 bit aif format
  • 2850+ SAMPLES
  • 7.36 GB uncompressed royalty and copyright free content license


  • FOR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS KONTAKT AND KONTAKT PLAYER 5.1 and up. A free download of the Kontakt Player sampler and their Service Center application can be found on the Native Instruments website.

Instrument Patches

  • Native Instruments Kontakt
  • 17 instrument patches:
  • Tutti Big Smash, Cluster Textures, Reverse, Glissandi, Hits Long textures, Random Bending, Tension builders

Sampled Instruments

  • Strings 52 players, Woodwinds 12 players, Percussion (piano and celesta included), Brass 11 players


About Sonokinetic Tutti

We grew up with soundtracks like “Alien” by Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho”. Reaching to more recent composers, Michael Giacchino (Star Trek) and John Debney (Predators) are an inspiration for us as composers. It triggered a deep longing within us to create a tool series for scoring film in a way that just hadn’t been done before. Tutti opens a new world of rich cinematic orchestral sound and offers you a broad range of unique sounds with a character that is unmatched in richness and quality. What we did was create sections with full orchestral cues spanning 4 to 8 bars. Each cue was recorded in a staggering 5 positions and each of these positions is 100% available for editing in the effective Sonokinetic user interface.

This samples library includes full orchestral samples like: Long and short tension builders, sustained patterns, highly detailed textures in multiple styles and complexities, full orchestral hits and big smashes, chord bending, glissandi and crescendi. Each cue has been recorded in multiple takes and a selection of the best takes is available in this sample collection, providing the composer with a tool that has so much variety and editing possibilities inside that no sample from this collection will ever sound the same, thus preventing over-usage or the feel of recognition. A little tweaking in mic positions, or choosing a different take of a particular cue will result in a different sounding musical fx or phrase.

Something we are very proud to announce is the technical achievement to provide you with access to the uniquely created “Tutti” score by implementing it in the users interface. This will give you a straight gaze into the heart of this collection. It provides you with the extra option to select a particular sound or fx you are looking for by viewing its content, progression, dynamics, length and speed.

“Tutti” was recorded using a highly established and experienced cinematic symphonic orchestra with the best musicians, conductor, technicians and composers. We chose to include all orchestral sections, piano and celesta. Stopping our musician counter at 98.

Each cue was recorded in ‘tutti’ formation and we believe the best way to do this was by a live performance. With this came the incredible sounding hall that “Tutti” was recorded in. With a very warm, detailed and wide acoustic fingerprint this collection bears its own cine-score realism in space and sound. Though by providing different technical options for mic positioning, stereo imaging and volume control each sound quality can be adjusted and edited to fit your specific need to blend these samples with your composition.

Again Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This is an absolute giveaway and hard to resist library.

We’re proud to release “Tutti” and let her spread the inspiration of the full orchestral fx and textures sound.

We try to push the limit to capture the magic of all music with a wide selection of easy to use symphonic instrumental samples.


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This product was released on 05 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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