Sonokinetic Da Capo 24Bit [2 DVD]

Sonokinetic Da Capo 24Bit [2 DVD]

Sonokinetic Da Capo 24Bit [2 DVD][Kontakt]

A Complete Multi-sampled Cinematic Orchestral Sample Library including full Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion Sections.


  • 44.1 kHz AIF FORMAT
  • 17900+ SAMPLES
  • 10 GB uncompressed royalty and copyright free content license


  • System recommendations for the Kontakt patches: Host/DAW 64Bit, >8GB RAM (Polyphonic voices set to 500 by default.)

Instrument Patches

  • Native Instruments Kontakt
  • 9 instrument patches:
  • All Sections, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Woodwinds, Brass Lite, Percussion Lite, Strings Lite, Woodwinds Lite


Sampled Instruments

  • Strings 52 players,
  • Woodwinds 10 players,
  • Percussion 2 players,
  • Brass 8 players

About Sonokinetic Da Capo

This library captures the full sound of the symphonic orchestra. A library that keeps things simple and straightforward. All sections and the most common articulations are provided in this collection. Recorded with a highly professional and renowned orchestra that is also credited for their work in our libraries “Tutti” and “Vivace”. Making this multi sampled orchestral sample collection the pivotal accomplishment to complete the Sonokinetic cinematic orchestral tools.

It has been a dream to create a library like this. Sonokinetic has put in their utmost best to produce this unique instrument. After a long production period we proudly present to you ‘Da Capo’.

Multisampling orchestral instruments is the most coveted and demanded area in the sampling industry and we are very much aware of that. So we set out to build an instrument that matches up to the high quality standards composers and producers expect whilst trying not to overcomplicate the instrument. There are so many possible options and details with multisampling that the usability, accessibly and playability can easily become lost in a load of technical options. Therefore we decided to keep things as straightforward from a user perspective as possible.

Da Capo enables legato playing in the most common areas of the orchestral setup. This legato offers you a unique chance to play Polyphonic section legato within the same instrument patch. Intelligent Polyphonic section legato provides realism without adding to the instrument’s complexity from a player’s view.

Due to the ‘all in one’ approach which Sonokinetic believes in, there is another option available that makes Da Capo score high on the efficiency scale. This instrument can easily stack sections and articulations including the intelligent Polyphonic section legato within your Da Capo. All without loading multiple instances of the instrument in your DAW template.

Our ‘Old Paths New Discoveries’ philosophy covers this, by providing a large collection of newly recorded orchestral section samples. They have a proven sound quality within a scoring tool environment that focuses on quick access to articulations and sounds. What’s more, they will blend easily with your sampled or live recorded production.

It has been an honor working with a gifted team and we present to you…
“Da Capo – Multi Sampled Symphonic Orchestra”



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This product was released on 05 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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