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Sound Effects collections (SFX)

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VALENTINO Production Sound Effects Library [6 DVD]
VALENTINO Production Sound Effects Library [6 DVDs or 50 CDs] This 50 CD set has a comprehensive cross section of every type of sound effect imaginable in a variety of categories. Valentino Production Music and Sound Effects Library has provided music and sound effects audio clips in archival library format to the feature film, TV, Radio and related industries since 1932. It is the oldest and largest...
TM Century Dallas Winning Score radio broadcast music jingles production library
TM Century Dallas Winning Score radio broadcast music jingles production library [DVD][MP3 Format] Ideal for a jingle freak, hospital or internet radio station. Original 62 (sixty two) CD production library made by TM Century of Dallas in 1992 were packed to MP3 128 kbps. The files are broken down into the following categories: Orchestral Moods Speciality Environments Broadcast lengths  x  22 discs  (i.
Datacraft Otojiten vol.01 - Action Game Sound Effects [2 CD]
Datacraft Otojiten vol.01 - Action Game Sound Effects [2 CD]
Delta 101 Digital Sound Effects - Sounds Of Horror
Contents:01 Gasping - Woman 0:0402 Shrill Scream - Woman 0:0403 Terrified Scream - Woman 0:0404 Scream - Woman 0:0405 Woman Screams "Don't You Dare Touch Me" 0:0606 Group Of Women Screaming 0:1007 Intense Scream - Man 0:0508 Terrified Scream - Man 0:0409 Man Screams 0:0410 Man Screams "No, No, No..." 0:0411 Crowd Screams 0:4412 Angry Mob 0:5113 Frightened Breathing 1:0514 Dying...
Datacraft Otojiten vol.05 - RPG Game Sound Effects [2 CD]
Datacraft Otojiten vol.05 - RPG Game Sound Effects [2 CD]
Boom Library Birds of Prey [DVD]
Boom Library Birds of Prey [DVD] Description “Birds Of Prey” is a sound collection full of extraordinary flying raptors: buzzards, cranes, eagles, falcons, goshawks, vultures, owls and more. The wildlife of the skies represents itself with calling, chirping, shrieking, cawing, screeching, growling and other unique bird voices. Whether aggressive or social, anxious or relaxed, melodic or...
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library [5 CD]
The Warner Bros. Sound Effects Library Now, for the first time, Warner Bros. brings you, on 5 side-splitting CDs, over 1400 hilarious digitally remastered sound effects that have helped make Warner Bros. cartoons so unforgettable for so many years. Each authentic sound effect selected from the Warner Bros. sound department has been carefully restored to provide you with outstanding digital audio quality.
Sound Ideas The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library [2 DVD]
Sound Ideas The General Series 6000 Sound Effects Library [2 DVD] This disks contains 40 CDs packed to 320 kbps MP3. Features: 40 CDs with more than 7,500 sound effects Also available as a Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats More than 50 hours of recorded sound The Industry Standard in general sound effects Winner of the Game Develop Hall of Fame Award Contributions from 4 award-winning...
Sound Ideas De Wolfe Sound Effects Library [DVD]
Sound Ideas De Wolfe Sound Effects Library [1 DVD] De Wolfe Sound Effects Library offers a very special blend of general and European sound effects together in one collection. This exceptionally well recorded digital sound effect library provides over 2,300 sound effects representing 23 distinct sound categories on 27 Audio CDs. Combined with De Wolfe's wide selection of ambiences, transportation.
Bluezone Corporation Dark Mesa (Industrial Ambiences And SFX)
 Bluezone releases 'Dark Mesa - Industrial Ambiences and SFX', a new selection of designed industrial sound effects. Created from field-recordings, this sample library features many different versatile sounds. This downloadable sample pack contains 144 WAV files and offers a large variety of elements to create your own sequences: Industrial / underground lab background ambiences, metal impacts.
The Immersion 5.1 Surround Sound FX [7 DVD]
Sound Ideas The Immersion 5.1 Surround Sound FX [7 DVDs Set] Immersion 5.1 Surround Sound Library - the ultimate ambience collection from Point One Sound that places you right at the centre of the action. This royalty free library offers more than 220 ambience tracks - and they were all recorded, edited and mastered by surround sound specialists - the motion picture engineers and mixers at Point One Sound.
Cinetools Maximus
Imagine that you are watching a great action movie. A strong-powered guy is on the scene and has just started chasing the bad guy, great tension in the air and you can see the bad guy starts sweat while he is running - everything looks great in the film as it should be, but something is missing. You can not feel the real feeling of the movie.. From silent comedies to modern blockbusters, cinema has...
Urban Atmospheres 5.1 [9 DVD]
Steinberg Urban Atmospheres 5.1 [9 DVD] Urban Atmospheres are high-end sound environments professionally recorded in 5.1 surround that offer unequalled spatial characteristics and pristine sound quality. The SPL Atmos System was used to record 23 indoor and outdoor locations, spanning 95 scenes. These astoundingly authentic recordings were compiled onto 9 DVDs in AIFF format, ready for immediate use...
Datacraft Otojiten vol.02 - Jingle Loops Sound Effects [2 CD]
Datacraft Otojiten vol.02 - Jingle Loops Sound Effects [2 CD]
The Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library [6 CD]
The Lucasfilm Sound Effects Library [6 CD]Lucasfilm, the world's greatest innovator of sound design and Sound Ideas, the world's largest creator of sound effects, have joined forces to produce an unique six CD sound effect collection. Now, for the first time ever, you can have Academy Award winning sound effects originally used in many of Lucasfilm's major motion pictures, plus new sound effects specially...
Rabbit Ears Audio Metal Machines [DVD]
Rabbit Ears Audio Metal Machines [DVD] Shake, Rattle, and Rumble. Those are just a few of the sounds that heavy machinery makes when it is fired up and put into action. The age of the steam locomotive has long faded in the United States, but the tools used to maintain them, rebuild them, and fabricate new parts are very much alive. I visited a shop whose primary focus is repairing old steam locomotives...
BOOM Library Close Combat
BOOM Library Close Combat [DVD][WAV] Description: Quick and convincing sound design needed? Whether itæs an action-packedfight scene in an underground parking, a secret agent eliminating hisenemies with his bare hands or a thrilling äone against allô strugglein the backyard, our CLOSE COMBAT DESIGNED SFX library puts you in thecomfortable position to handle each of those sound design...
Boom Library Thunder and Rain
THUNDER & RAIN is the third SFX library from our series of high quality and amazing nature recordings by Emmy-winner and nature recording genius Gordon Hempton. Hempton has searched the globe for more than three decades to record nature at its most pristine and we are proud to be the exlcusive distributor besides Gordon's very own company QUIET PLANET.This collection provides everything you need...
Boom Library Geothermal 3D Stereo and Surround Edition
Otherworldly Sonic Landscapes and TexturesGEOTHERMAL – 3D SURROUND AMBIENCESYellowstone National Park, this library transports the listener to someplace far away from Earth – although sounds represent the primal geological processes of our beautiful planet.Whether you are designing for daunting underground environments or films somewhere else in our solar system, draw from the rich sonic...
BBC Complete Sound Effects Library [5 DVD]
BBC Complete Sound Effects Library [5 DVD] This library includes CD 1 - 60. The Complete BBC Sound Effects Library is a comprehensive collection containing over two hundred sound categories including international ambiences, animals from Africa to Asia, wind and rain, machines, sports, battles and guns, traffic, and hundreds of others. All sound effects are descriptively named and intuitively categorized...
Spaceships - Science Fiction Sound Effects
Description Bluezone Corporation presents 'Spaceships - Science Fiction Sound Effects', a new sound design library containing 176 professional background ambiences, atmospheres and sound effects. This awesome sound collection offers 1.60 GB of high definition sounds ready to be used without any additional licensing fees. This new sample library is loaded with a precise choice of meticulously...
BOOM Library Virtual Foley Artist Footsteps [DVD]
BOOM Library Virtual Foley Artist Footsteps [DVD / WAV Format] Description Lace your shoes tightly and brace yourself for the newest BOOM Library product: VIRTUAL FOLEY ARTIST - FOOTSTEPS, the cleanest and most flexible footsteps collection. Now available! As it’s a sound artist’s job to create surroundings of optimum precision and reality, the exact intention is to reflect an audioscape...
Boom Library Guns
This disk contains: Boom Library Guns Designed Boom Library Guns Construction Kit This is the final answer to your needs for modern firearms. Use our “Guns – Construction Kit” (11 GB, 12 mic recording, 17 guns) to create your own weapon sound style. Or use the 350+ “ready to use” fire-shots & handling sounds in the “Guns – Designed”. This bundle has it all! 1.
Boom Library Historical Firearms
Historical Firearms - Bundle The sound of historical battefields was loud and dominated by the explosive charges of smoky muskets, carbines, cannons and revolvers. HISTORICAL FIREARMS brings you the exact sound of these old-fashioned weapons. Loud, deadly, uncompromising and from the times where no one even thought about things like silencers or ammo clips. The BUNDLE gives you all ready-to-use SFX...

Sound Effects collections.

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