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Fruity Loops samples

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Sample Fusion - Amped
Image Line Sample Fusion - Amped disk for Fruity Loops Amped is the sample cd that you need for outstanding guitar riffs, effects, licks, and rhythms in your music. A large number of sounds are covered such as Acoustic, Jazz, Metal, Blues, Country, Alternative and even Synthetic.
Sample Fusion - Bass Case
Image Line Sample Fusion Bass Case for Fruity Loops Bass Case is a huge collection of floor trembling, multi-sampled bass synths and bass guitars. Just begging for you to grab and twist to your music's content. All the classic analog bass synths are here, plus some modern digital synths, and real bass guitars.
Killer Tweaks 2
ImageLine Killer Tweaks 2 If you want strange and beautiful electronic samples to spice up your mix Killer Tweaks 2 was made for you! Lush pads made in heaven. Hauntingly mysterious drones from outer space and FX that will simply blow your mind. This CD contains 1200 royalty-free professionally crafted samples.

Samples for Fruity Loops, FL Studio program.

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