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Synergy [5 DVD]
Synergy [5 DVD]
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Samples in AKAI format

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For AKAI & Compatibles! Works perfectly with the K2000, ASR-10, Unity, Halion, EXS24, GigaSampler & other AKAI Compatibles! Turn your sampler into the hottest synths! Featuring over 260 megs & 500 patches sampled from OUR BEST, TOP RATED sounds for the #1 synths! Including the: Trinity JV-1080 Z-1 & MORE! Over 500 Patches & 17 Drum Kits! Featuring over 500 patches taken from our BEST, Top Rated sounds for the Trinity.
The Studio Grand
Universal Collection
Johnny Cs Vintage Custom Snare Drum Library
Features snare hits of 1922 Black Beauties, Slingerland Radio Kings, Gretsch Broadcaster and Johnny Craviottos custom snares. Each drum has hard, medium, soft-tips, blunts, rims, sides, brushes, flams, choked and much, much more.  
Vintage Voltage 1
Turn your Sampler into a time machine and travel back to the glorious days of the analogue age. Vintage Voltage cult synths samples give your music the warmth and impact only analog synths can supply. All of the sounds of this CD - and Volume 2 - have been infinity looped and ultra maximized for the best sound quality possible and are neatly organised in categories like Pads and leads, basses and fx.
Vocal Planet CD 3 Vocal FX
Birth of a new Masterpiece Spectrasonics is very happy to announce that the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Symphony of Voices is now available! After four years of intense worldwide recording and editing, Vocal Planet presents a universe of exotic vocal sounds designed specifically for the creative producer and composer. The Vocal Planet sample library is an epic Five Disc CD-ROM set produced by Eric Persing and Roby Duke.
XX Large Most Wanted
New Gold CD 2
New Gold 2 is a CD-ROM for the Akai S1000 Series Samplers which incorporates 50 banks of digital instrumentation. With over 1,400 programs, it contains a wide variety of instrumentation to allow the composer/performer incredible options
Black II Black 2 CD 2
Both these CDs are packed full of sounds specially recorded for these CDs that whilst being original have a very classic sound. Both CDs include sections devoted to: Kickin' Jamz Mid Jamz Slo' Jamz Garage/House Loops Reggae Loops M&C Loops Percussion Loops Shuffles Rolls Stereo Vocal Blocks Vocal Hooks Additional Vocals Sax Trumpets Guitar Hits FX Keyboards Bass Lines Basses Useful R&B Samples Snares - M&C.
East Collexion Orchestra
A full string section, full pizzicato section, solo violin, solo viola, solo cello, solo contrabass violin, a full brass section, a full french horn section, solo trumpet, solo horn, solo trombone, solo tuba, 5 varieties of solo flute, 2 varieties of solo clarinet, clarinet section, 2 varieties of solo oboe, solo english horn, solo bassoon, a full woodwind section, 2 full orchestra sections and an orchestral hit.
Global Trance Mission 2
Contents specially created dance samples with the emphasis firmly on analogue synthesis. Including Synth Sequences, Ambient Pads, specially Processed Drum Loops, Synths, Blips & Thips, Synth FX, Atmospheric Sounds, Basses, Sung Vocals & Dialogue, FX, amazing Ethnic Sounds resulting in a unique and highly creative sample library.
Symphony of Voices Vol.2 - Classical Soloist & Choir FX
From Acclaimed Developer Spectrasonics Comes an Epic Production The Largest & Most Extensive Collection of Voices Ever Assembled on CD-ROM Produced by Eric Persing, Symphony of Voices is a massive FOUR CD-ROM SET, which includes a breathtaking variety of multisamples, phrases & fx from some of the world's most prestigious singers. This outstanding library is an invaluable tool for the serious composer and producer.
SoundScan vol.12 - Bass Analog & Synth
Style : BASS SOUNDS • Total : 227 samples ( 120 analog bass / 101 digital bass ) • 78 audio tracks • Akai partition : 39 volumes • Wav/Aiff : 129 MB • Categories: Funk/Newjack, Disco, Ragga, Sub, Garage, Pop, Acid… The widest possible selection of classic synthesisers has been used, including the analog greats such as MiniMoog, Prophet, Yamaha™ CS70m, Oscar, Matrix 12, MS 20 and Roland™ Jupiter 8.
The official TR808/909 Library on Akai CD ROM ! With these programmes you can emulate the user interface of these cult machines right on the display of your sampler. "K909-A0-D2-T6" stands for a 909 Kick with the attack parameter set to 0, a decay setting of 2 and a tuning of 6. You have access to hundreds of different parameter combinations with their individual settings. In addition to the...
Analog to Digital
Не пропустите! Только на этом диске Вы найдете засэмплированные звуки атомного реактора, планет Солнечной системы, а также звуки, издаваемые атомной подводной лодкой Курск. Нереальные атмосферы, текстуры и звуки пришельцев...
Black II Black 3
The classic mix is back - but taken a step further. All your favourites are here, but better than ever. Loops straight from the top draw, broken down into alternate mixes, Cone Rippin' Brass Licks including full sections and trombone, Funky Dope Guitar Licks, Big Mama Vocals and Vocoded Hook (subject to licence like Killer Vocals), Bin Bustin' Bass Lines and Finger Snappin' Keys.
Breakz From the Nu Skool
Breakz from the Nu Skool is the first of two sample CD's in BT's signature collection and features cutting edge breakbeats hand mangled through hundreds of plug-ins, stomp boxes, pressed to vinyl, you name it! From Kyma to Reason, Breakz from the Nu Skool streams through on all frequencies of subconscious awareness. Best of all this CD is sample accurate! No more flaming as you stack loop upon loop.
Classical Sounds
Dance instruments
All original loops & midi file sequences that match construction kit samples. Dance Industrial 1 is the pioneer of supplying the individual elements of complex loops and the first sample CD to contain slammin' original industrial dance loops. "A hard fist-full of deadly loops & hard-edged percussion to give your tracks attitude" (Future Music, UK). "ONE MOTHER OF A SAMPLE CD, GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW!".
Deepest India CD 2 Instruments
Ethnic instrumental loops and sounds
Def House
120..130 BPM Drumloops for House & Garage, few synths
Drum Loops
На данный момент это единственный диск с сэмплами, сфокусированный на стилях Eurotekno, Eurohouse и Europop. Вашему вниманию предлагается полный набор сэмплов с большим разнообразием барабанных, мелодийных и басовых петель, барабанов.
Fm Bass

AKAI format can be read by: Apple EXS24, Native Instruments KONTAKT, Steinberg Halion, Tascam Gigasampler, Gigastudio, SpeedSoft Virtual Sampler, Reason, FruityLoops and hardware samplers from AKAI and EMU. You can also convert AKAI disks to WAV, SF2, GIG and other popular formats with AKAI CDXtract utility.

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