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Synergy [5 DVD]
Synergy [5 DVD]
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Samples for Sony ACID

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Sounds of Asia: Opium
SONY Sounds of Asia: Opium Capture the spirit of the Orient in this collection of truly original audio loops. Sounds of Asia: Opium contains unique tracks that encompass a variety of traditional Asian instruments. Weave mesmerizing musical spells from the Far East, adding instruments like the dizu flute, the pip, and the yangchin. Give your next musical composition a touch of the exotic and a taste...
Paul Black Blues Guitar
Sony Creative Software Paul Black Blues Guitar [WAV / ACID] Sony Creative Software presents the Paul Black: Blues Guitar collection - a blues guitar masterpiece. Enter the gold mine of authentic, traditional blues: deep delta stylings and scorching urban riffs, rich with tone and character. We locked out world-class Smart Studios to faithfully capture the essence of Paul's celebrated slide and fingerstyle work.
Paul Black's Whiskey, Cigarettes & Gumbo
Wide variety of Blues guitar sounds, Capture that authentic Blues sound! Blues Guitar: Paul Black's Whiskey, Cigarettes & Gumbo is a gold mine of authentic, traditional blues: deep delta stylings and scorching urban riffs, rich with tone and character. Artists, engineers, and editors unite in a synergy to capture this mash of tasty licks faithfully, with the ACID user in mind. Using the finest vintage...
Psychedelic Trance and Goa
A massive resource of trance sample,trance loops & psychedelic trance and goa midi-files for anyone into the trance and goa scene. Hi-fi trance drum loops, evolving basslines, psychedelic synth textures, acid samples, vocoder loops along with a huge collection of single hits and multisamples, construction kits, vocals and fx sounds make this the definitive trance sample cd to merge into your productions.
Sony Pictures Digital BASS-X, a collection of floor shakin' bass loops produced exclusively for Sonic Foundry by Groove Addicts, the world-renowned L.A. music production and sound design house. Groove Addicts knows what you need to make your rhythm section bump, and they prove it here with this collection of intros, choruses, bridges, plucks, clicks, muffs, and song patterns, all presented in the spirit...
ArhythmiA: Drums & Drones Vol. 1
Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon, NIN sound designer Keith Hillebrandt, and Sony Media Software present the arhythmiA: Drums & Drones series, a twin volume collection that spans four discs full of 24-bit .wav files, assorted Propellerhead Software Recycle™ files (.rx2 file format), and ACID® software projects, that deliver an instantly identifiable sonic imprint that can't be found anywhere else.
Zero-Gravity Beats
SONY / Siggi Baldursson: Zero-Gravity Beats The Zero-Gravity Beats collection is the brainchild of master drummer and percussionist Siggi Baldursson. Best known for his highly regarded work with Sugarcubes, Bjцrk, and Emiliana Torrini, the intensely creative Siggi was one of the first acoustic drummers to explore the world of modern electronic dance music. Sequestered at Butch Vig's Smart Studios complex.
American Piano
The American Piano™ collection captures the distinctive playing style of veteran stage and studio pianist Doug Colosio. Doug's resume includes performance credits with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Jewel, and many other chart-topping country and crossover artists. Inside this library you will discover solo piano phrases that breathe pure American spirit, from traditional country blues.
M-Audio ProSessions vol.43 - Rock Drums
Format: AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV professionally recorded and hand-edited Rock solid drums and percussion from the hit-making production team at Discrete Drums. Drum performances include multiple song segments for wide-open arrangement possibilities. Percussion loops are “discrete,” with each element delivered separately, as well as mixed into easy-to-use tracks—so you can roll your own loop mixes or use ours.
2rAw New World Order
Power FX 2rAw New World Order [ACID & Refill format] The New World Order series scans the globe to bring you unique loops from around the world. Instruments from places like India, Africa, Cuba, the Carribean, Japan, Ireland, Texas - that's right Texas, and Brazil. Awesome grooves from instruments like the tabla, the talking drum, the daf, the dumbek, the bodhran, the djembe and more. Control the world...
M-Audio ProSessions vol.26 - Liquid Cinema: Cinematic Ambience
Format: AIFF, WAV, and Acidized WAV professionally recorded and meticulously edited Cinematic Ambience is a broad and evocative collection of highly useful beds, drones, pads and washes that convey space, size and texture. Created and processed from both electronic and acoustic sources including analog and digital instruments, ethnic flutes, strings, and guitars. Cinematic Ambience is perfect for music...
Designer Dance Tools
SONY Designer Dance Tools Peace/Love Productions scores again with the Designer Dance Tools collection, the third complete collection of phat underground loops created exclusively for Sony Pictures Digital by the talented PLP production team. With years of experience in sound and loop library design, PLP has amassed enormous skills and insight, and the Designer Dance Tools set showcases this knowledge...
ACID DJ Expander Pack
If you liked our ACID® DJ music creation package, then you'll love our exclusive ACID DJ Expander Pack loop library. This Sony® Sound Series™ collection is the companion to our ACID DJ kit, the popular loops-and-software combination package. Enjoy a complete construction kit that delivers more of the same kinds of beats, basses, scratches, and synths that made our ACID DJ offering a killer loops-and...
M-Audio ProSessions vol.01 - Discrete Drums: World Rock and Percussion
M-Audio ProSessions vol.01 - Discrete Drums: World Rock and Percussion Discrete Drums: World Rock and Percussion delivers indispensable solid rock drums from star-maker producers and engineers. Perfect for songwriters, the disc includes drum song sections and matching percussion loops, along with the individual samples to roll your own. Drummer Chris McHugh and percussionist Eric Darken are produced...
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats
SONY Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats ACID Loops Toronto's Bunker 8 is the happy home of one twisted company of obsessive, sunlight-deprived tweakers. Attacking from the north, they've infiltrated the Sony® Sound Series™ collection with locked-and-loaded copies of their Extremely Abrasive Beats library, a sonic weapon of beat loops and hits so caustic, we had to change their names to prevent a lawsuit.
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths
SONY Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths ACID Loops Toronto's Bunker 8 sound design collective cordially invites you back into their darkened chambers to examine the delicious crudity of the Extremely Abrasive Synths compendium, an indelicate collection of drones, arpeggios, lead lines, and FX that confront the Muses in a decidedly disrespectful manner. This library is a shocking dossier that contains...
Electronic Point-Blank
Sony Pictures Digital and San Francisco-based producer and sound designer Mark Pistel present the Electronic Point-Blank collection, an unparalleled construction kit aimed squarely at the underground techno/dance music scene. Founder of Consolidated, Mark's incredible rйsumй includes work with Meat Beat Manifesto (MBM drummer Lynn Farmer is featured on this collection), Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.
Hardcore Breakbeat Action [2 CD]
Big Fish Audio Hardcore Breakbeat Action [2 CDs Set] Brand new and tough as nails, Hardcore Breakbeat Action is full of construction kits with big bonus section of drumloops from HUGE producers: 1205sound, Reza and Nick Tidy (aka Ethnic Robot). Aimed at the breakbeat/big beat producer, but with a focus on nu-school breaks as well as old-school hardcore (i.e. fast-tempo breakbeat), this one is hot and...
Nu Directions-The Phuture Sound of House
Big Fish Audio Nu Directions-The Phuture Sound of House "If you're into deep, jazzy and soulful house then this is definitely the collection for you!" - Future Music Are you looking for the ultimate house sample CD? Well if you're bored with the current approach of some sample discs, this will surely get your full attention! e-LAB sets a NU DIRECTION for house, so anyone looking for pure soul, heart...
Super Pads And Textures
Electronisounds Super Pads And Textures Hello Electronica Producers, and welcome to "Super Pads And Textures"! We're hooking you up once again with more pads, textures, chords and sweeps than you can imagine! 684MB of samples are JAM-PACKED into this collection! Over 375 pads and textures, plus some killer bonus samples, mate! We've collected our favorite pads from 11 different electronisounds sample...
Trip Hop Pandemonium
Electronisounds Trip Hop Pandemonium Into making Trip Hop? Then you'll love "Trip Hop Pandemonium!" We've jammed so many chords, textures, sounds & loops into "THP"; your ears won't believe it! These samples are the ultimate tools for putting together trip hop mixes quickly and easily. Everything you need is here, from the individual drum sounds (including a deep space drum kit), to drum loops & inspiration...
M-Audio ProSessions vol.17 - AdrenaLinn Guitars
M-Audio ProSessions vol.17 - AdrenaLinn Guitars AdrenaLinn Guitars is a tour de force of guitar playing, processing and editing by musician/author Craig Anderton. From ambient-friendly arpeggios to soul-ripping sounds for hardcore techno, AdrenaLinn Guitars delivers almost 700MB of fresh, creative, carefully crafted loops. With Roger Linn’s innovative AdrenaLinn processor serving as a sonic foundation.
Zero-G Ambiosis [Multiformat DVD] Highly acclaimed electronic musician and samplist Ian Boddy brings you a fantastic array of atmospherics and soundscapes at a bargain price. These sounds can be used in virtually any music style where a little dash of sonic spice is needed. Ambiosis is particularly useful for ambient, dance, film soundtrack and trance composers where the sounds can often provide the...
Satin Grooves
Zero-G Satin Grooves [Multiformat DVD]Over 650 samples and 1.9Gb of the most authentic mid-tempo funk ‘n’ soul from the 70s and 80s dancefloor that you are ever going to hear - all in pristine 24bit audio.  The follow-up and perfect companion to our best-selling Classic Disco, Satin Grooves recreates the great dance sound of the 1970s and 1980s from ballads to mid-tempo funk 'n' soul and disco.

Samples for Sony ACID Pro and SONY ACID Music Studio.

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