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Eventide Plug-Ins Bundle AU MacOSX
Eventide Plug-Ins Bundle AU MacOSXThis disk contains: H3000 Factory BlackHole OmniPressor (32 bit)H3000 FactoryThe H3000 Factory™ Harmonizer® Native plug-in recreates several algorithms from the original H3000. The H3000 Factory combines the pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering that made the original H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer a studio legend.Features Over 450 presets including over 100 new...
ProTools v9.0 [2 DVD]
Avid ProTools v9.0 [2 DVD][Full Version] The Next Generation of Pro Audio Production Open yourself to the possibilities. Pro Tools 9 redefines the world’s most popular, most advanced music and audio production platform with a completely re-architected, open version of Pro Tools software, giving you what you asked for—and so much more. Work with an audio interface—or without. Create bigger.
KORG Legacy Collection [MAC]
The KORG Legacy Collection is the ultimate virtual instrument pack, consisting of software versions of the MS-20 and Polysix analog synthesizers, and the WAVESTATION advanced vector synthesizer, together with a dedicated MS-20 Controller that faithfully replicates the original MS-20 at 84% of the original size. Perennially popular and hard to find in their hardware formats, these legendary synths are...
Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.10 [Mac OSX]
Avid Pro Tools HD 10.3.10 [Mac OSX] [DVD] Create the largest, most complex mixes with the world's most advanced audio production system, included with a Pro Tools | HD system. Avid Pro Tools HD 10 - Record, edit, and mix with the world's most advanced audio production platform. For projects that demand the utmost in sound quality and performance, Pro Tools HD software enables you to compose.
Altiverb 6.1
AudioEase Altiverb VST RTAS 6.1 [PC and MAC versions] + Full Impulse Library [DVD] Altiverb 6 is a convolution reverb plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows XP. It uses top quality samples of real spaces to create reverb, ranging from Sydney Opera House to the cockpit of a Jumbo Jet. Altiverb 6 offers the most extensive set of parameters, it supports all professional plug-in formats including protools TDM on the Mac.
Logic Pro X 10.4.4
Apple Logic Pro X 10.3.0 [DVD]What's New?Logic Pro 10.2 gives you even more power to create electronic music with Alchemy, a next-generation synthesizer. Alchemy works hand in hand with all the beat-making and music-production features introduced in Logic Pro 10.1 to create all types of music, including EDM and Hip Hop.Alchemy transforms everything.Logic Pro X now includes Alchemy, a powerful sample-manipulation...
X-Phraze [MAC]
Xphraze is Wizoo_s new dream machine for every computer-based musician and DJ, arranger and sound designer, bringing together three worlds that have been separated for too long: unlimited sound creation, real-time polyphonic phrase creation, and intuitive live-remixing functions. Create chord patterns, riffs, bass lines, effects, arpeggios, morphs, pads, leads, even 4-track songs in no time.At the...
MeterPlugs Dynameter v.1.1.0 MacOSX
MeterPlugs Dynameter v.1.1.0 [MacOSX] See the dynamics of your music, in realtime. Stop Worrying About Loudness, Start Working With Dynamics. With Dynameter, you can: Instantly assess the dynamics of your music - See how dynamic your audio is at a glance. Optimize the punch and power of your audio - Measure the best sounding music out there, and match it. Achieve competitive loudness on any platform...
Cubase SX 2 [MAC]
Steinberg Cubase SX 2 for Mac OSX.
MOTU Digital Performer 7.01
MOTU Digital Performer 7.01 MOTU Digital Performer 7 is here! This edition of one of the world's leading DAW software programs arrives with an armload of new sounds and new workflow-enhancing features. With Digital Performer 7, you can realize all your musical ambitions within a single, customizable framework. A new suite of modeled guitar effects plug-ins deliver world-class guitar tones. All of this...
Final Cut Pro X 10.3.2
Post-production. Fast-forwarded. With an intuitive new design and revolutionary timeline features, Final Cut Pro accelerates post-production. So editors can create at the speed of thought. Now playing: a new look, Magnetic Timeline 2, and much more Final Cut Pro 10.3 debuts a powerful collection of new features for professional editors. A strikingly low-profile interface maximizes work space on any display.
Logic Studio 9 [2 DVD]
Apple Logic Studio 9 [2 DVD] Logic Studio is a complete set of professional applications that lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform. It’s also the largest collection of modeled instruments, sampler instruments, effect plug-ins, and audio loops ever put in a single box. So it’s easy to get amazing sounds and amazing-sounding recordings. Now you can tackle any stage of your project...
Arturia Matrix-12 v2.3.0
Arturia Matrix 12 V v1.0.1.9 [MacOSX]ENTER THE MATRIXThe massively powerful Oberheim Matrix 12 has been resurrected at last. Using our TAE™ modeling techonology. we are able to recapture and bring you this beast of a synthesizer.Often coveted, rarely found for sale, and known as one of the greatest analog synths ever made, the Oberheim Matrix 12 was the crowning pinnacle of Oberheim products.
Sony Audio Master Suite 2 [MacOSX]
Sony Audio Master Suite 2 v2.5.0.133 MacOSX Waveform and spectral editing for OSX. New standards in waveform and spectral editing Sound Forge™ Pro Mac and SpectraLayers™ Pro are the most advanced waveform and spectral editing applications available today. Each with its own unique genius, they work seamlessly together to form a colossal editing system that offers extraordinary and immediate...
SKnote XTrim Mixing Tools v1.0 [MAC OSX]
SKnote XTrim Mixing Tools v1.0 [AU / VST / MAC OSX] A powerful set of mixing tools. From fine control, to automation, to creative. XTrim is a powerful set of mixing tools, for fine trimming and creative use Volume A fine control on output level. Useful for fine balancing and automation (vocals, solo, etc.) X1/X10 scale switch: select 10X gain range for gain staging purposes Pan Stereo image panning (constant power).
Elektrik Piano [3 CD] [MAC]
ELEKTRIK PIANO unites the four most beloved E-pianos of all time into one high-performance software instrument, which reproduces in exacting detail the sounds of the Fender Rhodes MK ITM and MK IITM, Hohner Clavinet E7TM, and the Wurlitzer A 200TM. To this day these vintage classics possess a magical allure, and with ELEKTRIK PIANO these sounds are playable from any laptop or desktop computer. ELEKTRIK...
Arturia Solina V v1.0.1.9 [MacOSX]
Arturia Solina V v1.0.1.9 [MacOSX] No strings attached The Solina V is our latest vintage keyboard recreation bringing back the classic Arp/Eminent Solina string machine. The Solina V is our latest venture into classic keyboards. We have modeled and faithfully reproduced the classic Arp/Eminent Solina string ensemble to generate those warm and fuzzy string sounds that graced so many hit records. This...
Logic Studio 9 Full Version [12 DVD]
Apple Logic Studio 9 Full Version [12 DVD] [50 Gb] The pack contains: 1. Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, WaveBurner 1.6, Compressor 3.5, Impulse Response Utility, Apple Loops Utility, QuickTime 7 Pro - Logic Studio Install.dmg - Logic Studio Additional Content.dmg 2. Six content DVDs withJam Pack collections, sound effects, surround music beds, EXS24 samples.
Logic Pro 8
Apple Logic Pro 8 [Cracked and 100% Working] Logic Pro 8 Technical Specifications Streamlined Interface * Unified window design consolidates multiple edit and browser areas * Library browser makes it easy to find audio files, channel strip settings, and plug-in settings * Inspector provides convenient access to region and track parameters as well as primary mix functions via the innovative Dual Channel...
Pro Tools 8 LE [MAC Version]
Digidesign Pro Tools 8 LE [MAC Version][Full working DVD version with serial for MAC]. Pro Tools® 8 is the most advanced audio creation and production software, featuring a gorgeous new interface, dozens of new virtual instruments and plug-ins, exciting new scoring and MIDI features, amazing new workflows, better ease of use, deeper controller integration, and much, much more. You’ll never...
Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Drumloops and Samples [6 CD][ProTools]
Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Drumloops and Samples [6 CD][ProTools] ProTools format. If you are looking for the absolute best pop/rock drumloop collection on the planet - look no further! Joey Kramer the "engine" behind the legendary rock group "Aerosmith", has put together the most comprehensive collection of "Pump & Thump" drum loops and samples available anywhere. Never before has the percussive thunder...
Lindell ChannelX All OSX Plugins
Lindell ChannelX All OSX Plugins [MAC OSX] Full Channel Strip Package The Channel X bundle contains the 3 plugins : 6X-500 preamp / filters plugin 7X-500 FET compressor plugin PEX-500 passive EQ plugin   Plus a mega channel strip housed in a 506 Power box ! Key features Pre Faithful hardware circuit emulation of the Lindell Audio 6X-500 Module Passive Pultec Equalizer Transformer Balanced Input...
Apple Logic Pro X v10.5
New in Logic Pro X 10.5New FeaturesLive Loops Compose music by arranging and triggering cells in a grid using loops, samples, and your recordings. Perform and capture free-form arrangement ideas into the tracks area. Add Remix FX to perform creative effects like filters, gates, repeaters, and downsampling. Use Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone to perform Live Loops and Remix FX using Multi-Touch...
Logic Studio 8 [2 DVD]
Apple Logic Studio 8 [2 DVD][Cracked and 100% Working] Includes LOGIC PRO 8 [Cracked and 100% Working] For the install you will need OSX 10.4.9, Quicktime 7.2 Logic Pro 8 is the center of Logic Studio, featuring a redesigned interface that makes it easier than ever to write, record, edit, and mix your music. New in Logic Pro 8: Single-Window Design The Arrange window in Logic Pro 8 consolidates production...
In this folder you may find audio software, plug-ins and virtual instruments compatible with MAC only. All other disks on our site, including VST Instruments and VST Plug-Ins folders are compatible both with PC and MAC platforms.

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