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TC Electronic LM6n v1.1.0

TC Electronic LM6n v1.1.0

TC Electronic LM6n v1.1.0 [PC Only] [Windows 32/64 - VST / VST3 / RTAS / AAX]

Now you can have the very latest in native plug-ins to measure Loudness and True-Peak on mono, stereo or surround (LM6n) tracks in new versions of Pro Tools and other major DAWs.

We've loaded the native LM2n & LM6n plug-ins with new dedicated settings, new viewing options, improved off-line measuring in Pro Tools - and a host of other new features. Of course they come with our innovative Radar Display, allowing you to capture the essence of your loudness landscape at a glance.


  • Innovative Radar Display
  • Compliant with All Loudness Standards
  • Runs Natively in Pro Tools and other DAWs
  • Off-Line Measuring in Pro Tools

True-Peak Meter

Loudness measuring is based on subjective perception, so your program material can in fact overload if normalized the traditional way (quasi-peak or sample-peak). Therefore, normalization is also part of many broadcast standards, and to comply, you must use a true-peak meter.

A true-peak meter looks at the actual samples as well as inter sample peaks, which  means that it can unveil peaks that would otherwise cause distortion.

LM2n and LM6n help you get a precise reading that allows you to normalize your audio without compromising the quality.

Powerful Off-Line Measuring

Pro Tools users will appreciate the off-line function, measuring your audio loudness faster than real time by running LM2n or LM6n as an Audio Suite plug-in.

Simply choose preset, select the audio clip you want to measure and hit 'Analyze'. That's it!

Watch this 30 second video to learn just how simple it is.

Ready for Any DAW

LM2n & LM6n support all modern plug-in standards, giving you the freedom to work with any DAW you prefer.

  • AAX (Pro Tools 10 & 11, Media Composer 8.1)
  • VST (Nuendo, Cubase, Audition, Premiere, and more)
  • Audio Units (Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more)

Detailed Loudness Statistics

Ever want to see all of the details you need to view in the same place?  The statistics page gives you a complete overview of your loudness parameters.

  • Program Loudness (I) - The Overall Loudness of Your Entire Program or Track
  • Max Short Term Loudness (S) - The Max Short Term Loudness Measurement Throughout Your Material
  • Loudness Range (LRA) -  Your Overall Program Material Range from the Softest Point to the Loudest
  • True-Peak Max - The Max True-Peak Measurement Throughout Your Material
  • Sliding Loudness 10 Sec - The Max Loudness Measurement within a 10 Sec Window
  •  NEW! PLR - Peak to Loudness Ratio Indicates the 'Squash' Factor of Your Overall Material



For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy TC Electronic LM6n v1.1.0 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 April, 2016.


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