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Christopher Young Orchestral Touch

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: Kontakt
Disks: 2 DVD
Christopher Young Orchestral Touch

Soul Series: Christopher Young – Orchestral Touch overview


8Dio Soul Series is a new product line representing the musical spirit of highly acclaimed artists.  We are privileged and excited to begin the journey with acclaimed composer, Christopher Young (Hellraiser, Spider-Man 3, Sinister, Swordfish, Ghost Rider, The Rum Diary etc).

Christopher Young has a beautifully unique way of approaching scores – both by working with orchestras and performers, but also by weaving musical sound design and textures into his music.  We’ve worked with Christopher Young over the last 18 months – curating over 35 years of recordings and sonic experiments.  The end result is an incredible collection of organic textures and pro-grade scoring tools.

8Dio Soul Series: Christopher Young – Orchestral Touch is a large collection of orchestral effects – specifically composed and designed by Christopher Young.  We you can also purchase the Christopher Young Collection, which is a bundle containing both Orchestral Touch and Textural Worlds.

8Dio designed a new, advanced user-interface for the Christopher Young libraries – offering a wealth of novel features.  Perhaps the most prominent is our new IR-engine (impulse response engine).  The IR-engine offers you the ability to make any sample in the library into a convolution impulse.  The impulse can then be superimposed on any other sample in the library.  In addition, user-interface also includes instant stack, reverse, stretch, off-set and chaos functions. The library is also first to feature our new Chaos 4.0 system, which allows you to create any FX chains of your own choice.

Infinite. Sound Design

The Christopher Young libraries offers an infinite amount of options for sound design.  Start with over 16.000 hauntingly beautiful samples by Christopher Young. Then add our new IR engine that allows you to make any sample into a convolution impulse.  Add features like instant stacking, reversing, time-stretching and off-set features. Add the new advanced Chaos 4.0 engine – that offers you the ability to build your own FX chain racks.  Add an advanced modulation matrix with four-part FX control.  Add chaos to it all.  Make it your own.

The IR-engine

The new IR engine (Impulse Response Engine) offers you the ability to take any sample and transform it in an impulse response. Just play any sample on your controller and click “Make IR” – and the sample is now superimposed as a convolution reverb onto other samples.  Make the inside of piano into the reverb for your strings.  Take a lonely female voice and superimpose it on an eerie slide flute ensemble.  Make a string ensemble the shadow behind and a lonely bell in the distance.  The IR engine provides the instant ability to completely change the sonic landscape of whatever you are playing.

4-Part Modulation Engine and new Chaos FX 4.0

The Christopher Young libraries also contain our new 4-part modulation engine for extreme sample and effects work. The 4 modulation engines each contain their own X/Y Matrix grid – and you can assign an FX parameter to both the X/Y value. In addition powerful functions like reverse and stack is only a click away. Stack allows you to play several articulations at the same time. Highly useful for synth presets.  In addition, we’ve also added our new Chaos 4.0 FX engine, which allows you to build your own FX racks and signal chains.  Everything is easy to use.

Essential Features in Front

We designed the most essential features on the front of the instrument, so you can easily access them at any time. A single click to reverse everything. A single click to stretch a sample across your keyboard.  You can also go deeper with modulation options like Low Frequency, Tone and Formant Machine, Advanced Gate System for host-tempo synced arps.  But fancy features aside.  The true magic of the collections is in the samples.  Access Christopher Young’s deep and beautiful sonic mind and take any of the +16.000 curated samples and make them completely your own.  Welcome to 8Dio Soul Series and the world of Christopher Young.

Microphone Positions

Soul Series: Christopher Young – Orchestral Touch features 7 Mic positions including Decca, Wide and 5 separate Spot Mics.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Christopher Young Orchestral Touch or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 10 November, 2020.


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